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Blepharospasm (or eye twitching) refers to the involuntary movement of the eyelid. Alcohol or caffeine consumption, bright lights, smoking and fatigue are some of the common causes for blepharospasm. While blepharospasm is harmless and will gradually stop on its own, it can be unpredictable in occurrence: happening over the span of a few days, weeks or months. If the eye twitching becomes chronic over longer periods of time, it could be a sign of an eye condition such as sensitivity to light, dry eye or conjunctivitis (pink eye). Chronic blepharospasm could also be an indicator of a brain and nervous system disorder such as Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or Tourette syndrome. In some cases, Dr. Segal may recommend the use of BOTOX® to temporarily relax the spasmodic muscles in cases of chronic blepharospasm. It is recommended that you visit your ophthalmologist to determine the cause and recommended treatment if the blepharospasm persists after a few weeks or if the eyelid completely closes with twitching, droops or has discharge.

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