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Medical and Cosmetic Botox

The delicate area around the eyes, including the eyelids, can be affected by various cosmetic and medical concerns. At Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons, our skilled eye doctors offer a range of treatments to address these issues and help you achieve your functional and cosmetic goals.

Botox is a neurotoxin that can be used for both medical and cosmetic reasons around the eyes and face. When injected in small doses, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Medical Uses of Botox

At Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons, our eye doctors can use Botox to treat various medical conditions, such as:


Hemifacial Spasm 

Eyelid Retraction

Blepharospasm, or eye twitching, is one of the most common medical uses of Botox in ophthalmology. It refers to the involuntary movement of the eyelid.

Alcohol or caffeine consumption, bright lights, smoking, and fatigue are some of the common causes of blepharospasm. While blepharospasm is harmless and will gradually stop on its own, it can be unpredictable.

It can happen over the span of a few days, weeks, or months. Chronic blepharospasm could also be an indicator of a brain and nervous system disorder such as Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, or Tourette syndrome. 

Botox can temporarily relax these muscles in cases of chronic blepharospasm. If the blepharospasm persists after a few weeks or if the eyelid completely closes with twitching or droops, your eye doctor at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons will determine the cause and recommend a treatment plan.

Cosmetic Uses of Botox

Cosmetic Botox injections can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and face. Botox is a great option to rejuvenate your appearance and help you accomplish some of your cosmetic goals.

Common areas for cosmetic Botox injections include:

The effects of cosmetic Botox injections typically last three to four months, and treatments can be repeated as needed to maintain the desired appearance.

At Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons, our experienced eye doctors provide comprehensive care for a wide range of conditions affecting the eyelids and eyes. 

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