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LASIK Eye Surgery in Atlanta


lasik surgery atlanta duluth ga
LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that corrects vision problems to reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK, short for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, is a common type of refractive eye surgery. Refractive surgery alters the shape of the eye’s cornea, resulting in light waves bending (or refracting) to focus on the retina for improved vision.

During a LASIK procedure at Georgia Eye Physicians in Duluth, Georgia (north of Atlanta), numbing drops are placed in the eyes and the surrounding area is cleaned. Using a microkeratome, a precise cutting device, Dr. Segal will cut a flap in the cornea and then position an excimer laser over the eye. Patients will stare at a fixed light during the treatment to maintain position. The laser will vaporize and remove the previously determined thickness of excess corneal tissue. After the procedure, an eye shield will be provided to protect the treated eye(s) and prevent you from rubbing or putting pressure on the treated area. Many patients experience mild discomfort during the procedure and may have dry or red eyes and sensitivity to light after surgery.

Though Dr. Segal will review your specific aftercare instructions, depending on the complexity of your individual procedure, it is typically recommended that patients rest their eyes after LASIK and refrain from driving or having to focus intently on electronics or a computer for several days to allow for the cornea and tissue flap to heal.

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