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Macular Degeneration

TREATED IN DULUTH, GA (NORTH OF ATLANTA) at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons

A chronic disease that deteriorates the macula, a small part centrally located in the retina that is responsible for vision of fine details in objects. Macular degeneration exists in two forms: dry and wet. In dry form, the macula degenerates and loses function slowly over time. With wet macular degeneration, the macula begins to bleed, swell, or leak. There is no known cure for dry macular degeneration; however, prompt evaluation diagnosing the type of degeneration will make the possible treatments more effective. While having macular degeneration does not necessarily mean that you will eventually go blind, it should not be left untreated. Antioxidant vitamins, zinc and regular screenings may be recommended to slow down the progress of the disease.

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