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YAG Capsulotomy

PERFORMED IN DULUTH, GA (NORTH OF ATLANTA) at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Following cataract surgery, patients can develop cloudy vision called posterior capsule opacification resulting from the thickening of the capsule (clear membrane that surrounds the lens). After consultation with your ophthalmologist, a common post-cataract surgery known as YAG laser posterior capsulotomy may be recommended to treat the vision-impairing condition.

YAG capsulotomy is an outpatient procedure that doesn’t require any anesthesia and uses a laser to cut a hole in the clouded capsule area of the lens to allow the passage of light into the retina. The YAG laser reduces glare produced by the cloudiness and improves overall vision several months or even years following cataract surgery. YAG capsulotomy is recommended only for patients whose vision and lifestyles are impaired and is not necessary for minimal clouding that may develop.

If you would like to learn more about YAG laser capsulotomy, cataracts or other eye conditions, please call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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