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We invite you to take a moment and read about some of our patients’ experiences with Dr. Segal and Dr. Lay at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons, P.C. View our procedure pages and contact us to learn more about how Drs. Segal and Lay can help you see

This email is being written for two reasons. First of all to thank Dr. Segal and his fine staff for the excellent care they provided throughout the entire procedure of having my cataract surgery for both eyes. Secondly I am attempting to inform anyone who is reading this that the procedure is easy to endure and moves along smoothly from start to finish. Some may be a bit hesitant to have anything done pertaining to the eyes as they are so delicate and important to us. Let me say that the results are so worth the time and effort. The surgery is painless and takes only a few hours from start to finish. Everything is so monitored explained, and charted for you from the pre op to post that you are at ease. Of course you will pick the type of vision lens that suits your lifestyle and this will vary from person to person. Being able to wake up and see across the room or out the window without putting on glasses is amazing. There is no reason to put off the benefits of cataract surgery when you can have it done and go on to experience better vision for the years to come. I am 72 years old and am enjoying the vision I had in my 20s when I wore contact lens but now I don’t have all the upkeep and constant care. -EC

I have been a patient with Dr. Segal for many years. He and his staff always recognize me. The longest I’ve had to wait is 15 minutes, but it is usually sooner. He always greets me with a positive greeting. What blows my mind is how thorough the whole examination is even before he sees me, even if I don’t want a refraction. When he examines me he is gentle, thorough, he takes his time, makes copious notes and makes sure I understand everything he’s done and also makes sure I understand what he has done to me. He has performed one cataract surgery with no pain or problem and the results were perfect. I’m scheduling another cataract surgery this spring and actually looking forward to it. He knows I am a wus when it comes to pain, so he puts me under during the surgery. My husband’s eye was severely damaged in a head-on car collision many years ago, and my husband says that Dr. Segal is the best doctor he has ever seen for his eye condition. All in all Dr. Segal is SUPER.

The experience was great. Dr. Segal explained every step he was taking and took the time to make me feel like a person not just an appointment.

I have been seeing Dr. Segal for three years now, what started as a very severe case of schleratis. Dr. Segal is always very detailed in his exam and takes the time to explain everything to you. I have noticed a pretty rapid turnover in staff since I started seeing Dr. Segal, but I have only been inconvenienced once, which was a pretty big deal at the time, but I believe Dr. Segal took care of that problem pretty rapidly.-CMB

I’ve never had a better eye doctor than Dr. Segal. I totally trust him with my eyes. He is gentle yet very thorough. He has performed cataract surgery on both my eyes and I could not be happier. He always fits me for contact lenses perfectly…nothing any other Ophthalmologist was able to do. I have weird eyes with severe astigmatism. Finally I found a doctor who knows how to deal with this problem. In fact, after wearing his contact lenses for a year I went for my annual eye exam. We found that wearing those lenses had actually IMPROVED my astigmatism. I’ve never had a billing problem with his office and have always been treated well by him and his staff. Most of them know my first name! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!-ML

“An eye exam saved my husband’s life! One evening, my husband, Wayne experienced a partial loss of vision in one eye. There was no headache, nausea, or additional symptom to cause concern. The following day, a co-worker asked what happened to his eye because he noticed droopiness. The co-worker advised him to seek medical attention as he had similar symptoms with a detached retina. Dr. Segal’s office made arrangements to see Wayne immediately and the co-worker drove him to the appointment, where I joined him.

After Dr. Segal did a thorough exam, it was determined that it was neither a detached retina nor an ocular migraine, but required immediate attention from an internist and neurologist. Dr. Segal was emphatic about the urgency of additional testing. He told Wayne that if any test or answered question had been different, he would have admitted him to the hospital. Within days, my husband had a series of neurological and cardiac tests. It was ultimately determined that a cardiac cath was required. That test revealed two major blockages in his heart. One was 99% blockage of the LAD – the one they call the “Widow Maker!” Stents were put in place while he was in the cardiac cath lab, and he was in a hospital room in time for lunch. His color was so rosy and he already felt better. We later viewed a video of the procedure which confirmed the miraculous event.

We have always had regular eye exams and I am writing this to urge – no, insist that eye exams become a part of your responsible, proactive health maintenance. It’s not just about glasses and contacts. Vision screening is only part of an eye exam. Our eyes are windows into early detection and treatment of many life threatening health issues like brain tumors, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes long before other symptoms appear. Find an ophthalmologist that you trust, and for us it’s Dr Segal. Schedule regular visits so that your history is charted. Visits are painless and the technology is fascinating. You get to see a map of your eye just like the surface of the moon!

Wayne and I are truly grateful that Dr. Segal was there when we needed him the most, and especially because we didn’t even know it.”-Most Sincerely, MD

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At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons we’re committed to exceptional eye care for our patients and their families. We know how much the health of your eyes means for your quality of life. We’re committed to serving your complete eye care needs with the respect and care we would use in treating our own family.

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