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Routine Eye & Vision Symptoms

Performed in Duluth, GA (north of Atlanta) at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons, P.C.

Our eyes do an amazing amount of work. Throughout the day, they are constantly straining to make minute adjustments in focus while taking a beating from the wind, sun, and other environmental elements. It is hardly surprising that we sometimes experience symptoms of vision impairment or general discomfort. However, it can often be difficult to determine whether those symptoms are nothing to worry about or signs of more serious concerns. A routine eye exam can help put your mind at ease by diagnosing the underlying cause of your symptoms so that we can determine the most effective method of treatment.

Here are just a few of the many routine eye and vision symptoms that we treat at Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons:

Blurred VisionFloaters
Double VisionItchy Eyes (Blepharitis)
Eye DischargeNearsightedness (Myopia)
Eye Lash RemovalRed Eye
Eye Spasms (Blepharospasm)Stye
Farsightedness (Hyperopia)Tired Eyes (Eye Strain)


Georgia-licensed optometrist Dr. Marc Lay regularly helps patients who are experiencing eye discomfort and vision symptoms that interrupt their daily routine and can catch serious eye conditions in the early stages, so that they can be treated before they have a chance to permanently affect your vision. The latest vision diagnostic techniques, which are used during a comprehensive medical eye exam, even allow him to diagnose and treat complex conditions such as eye-related migraines and glaucoma.

If you are experiencing difficulty seeing or other eye discomfort, please contact us to schedule an appointment at Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

Our Commitment:

At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons we’re committed to exceptional eye care for our patients and their families. We know how much the health of your eyes means for your quality of life. We’re committed to serving your complete eye care needs with the respect and care we would use in treating our own family.

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