How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know the feeling (or absence thereof) of forgetting that they’re on your face. In the same way you can get used to the feeling of frames on your face, you can also adapt to the sight of oils and dust accumulating on your lenses throughout the day. Anyone who wears glasses has had the experience of thoroughly cleaning their lenses at the end of the day and being blown away by how much clearer the world appears. Clean lenses can make a huge difference in your day, but it’s also important to regularly clean your frames.

Wglasses, spectacles, lens care, cleaning glasses, eye caree’ve discussed proper contact-lens care in this blog before, and admittedly, the risks of real damage to your vision are more severe with inadequately cared-for contacts than dirty glasses. However, your glasses not only collect dust and oil throughout the day, but also bacteria. Keeping filthy glasses on your face all day can’t do you any good, so it’s important to correctly clean them, and often. Here’s a step-by-step guide to properly cleaning and getting the most out of your spectacles:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly, and wait until your glasses are fully clean and dry to apply any lotion to your hands. Use dish soap or lotion-free soap to get your hands as clean as possible—oils and moisturizers will smear on your lenses and cleaning cloth, making them far more difficult to clean.
  • Rinse your glasses using lukewarm water. Warm water is a better solvent than cold water, meaning that it dissolves and loosens things well, but water that’s too hot can potentially compromise any lens coatings you may have.
  • Mix a drop of dish soap with some lukewarm water in the palm of your hand and use it to gently clean your lenses and frames. Do not use any other types of household cleaners, as many of these can also damage lens coatings.
  • Thoroughly rinse your lenses and frames with lukewarm water one more time.
  • Gently shake your glasses to remove excess water.
  • Use a paper towel, napkin, or clean piece of fabric to dry your frames, but don’t use any of these materials to clean your glasses’ actual lenses; these materials can have rough surfaces, integrated lotion, dirt, dust, etc.
  • Use a lint-free cloth (like the microfiber cloths we provide at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons) to completely dry your lenses. Hold them up to a light to make sure you’ve eliminated any leftover smudged water.

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