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What is an IOL?

When cataracts or presbyopia affect your natural lens, an intraocular lens (IOL) implant can restore your vision and even provide you with greater visual freedom. At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons, our expert cataract surgeons offer various advanced IOL options to meet your lifestyle and vision goals.

When your eye’s natural lens loses the ability to focus or becomes clouded with a cataract, a permanent intraocular lens implant can be used to replace the natural lens and restore vision. An intraocular lens implant, also called an IOL, is an artificial lens that is placed inside the eye after your natural lens is removed.

When choosing an IOL, your eye doctor will help narrow your options and determine which may be best for your lifestyle and vision goals.

IOLs Offered at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons

At Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons, our cataract surgeons are proud to be able to offer a variety of advanced IOL options.


The ReSTOR multifocal IOL provides a full range of vision, reducing your dependence on visual aids. It works by using unique technology to focus light at multiple distances simultaneously.

It has a series of tiny rings that direct and focus light. This automatically provides sharp images whether you’re reading a book, looking at a computer screen, watching TV, or gazing across the room. 

Alcon PanOptix and PanOptix Toric

The PanOptix by Alcon is the first trifocal IOL and offers a full range of natural, sharp vision. With the PanOptix IOL, you can look forward to experiencing greater visual freedom with less dependence on glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery

The PanOptix IOLs will allow you to focus at intermediate ranges, perfect for computer distances. Since it’s a trifocal IOL, you will also be able to see clearly near and far.

The PanOptix IOls is designed to work similarly to the eye’s natural lens, seamlessly transitioning when focusing between distances while doing everyday tasks. The PanOptix IOL also comes in a toric version, which can correct astigmatism.

If you have a certain amount of astigmatism, your eye doctor may recommend the PanOptix Toric in order to give you the best vision outcome after the procedure. With crisp vision at all ranges and reduced dependence on glasses, the PanOptix IOL offers complete visual freedom.

Clareon Vivity

The innovative Clareon Vivity IOL is an extended depth of focus (EDOF) lens that uses breakthrough X-Wave technology and provides an extended range of sharp vision without glasses or contacts. This new non-diffractive design uses all available light to give you clear vision at near and intermediate distances. 

With the Vivity, you will also be able to see clearly at a distance. Those who choose the Vivity IOL will also experience significantly fewer side effects like glare or halos compared to traditional multifocal IOLs that distribute light. 

Light Adjustable Lens

The innovative Light Adjustable Lens, also called the LAL, is the first lens that allows you to customize your vision after cataract surgery for unmatched personalization. During follow-up visits after you’ve healed, your Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons cataract surgeon utilizes a special Light Delivery Device to expose your new artificial lens to ultraviolet light. 

This causes the LAL’s internal optics to reshape, slowly adjusting your vision. By gradually fine-tuning through light treatments, your eye doctor can allow you to test-drive and personalize your vision clarity to your needs and preferences.

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