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Pterygium is a growth that occurs on the cornea and the conjunctiva of the eye and is usually caused by dry eye and environmental factors including wind, dust, and/or ultraviolet light. This growth appears as a fleshy tissue that may remain small or grow large and interfere with clear vision.

Symptoms of pterygium range from mild to severe including: redness, blurred vision, irritation, dryness, burning, and itching. For mild cases, no treatment is generally needed but if the growth becomes red or irritated, eye drops or ointments may be prescribed to reduce inflammation.

For patients with pterygium that affects their vision or causes persistent irritation, Dr. Segal may recommend that the growth be surgically removed. To prevent recurrences of pterygium, surgery or medications may be prescribed; however, the best way to prevent pterygium is by wearing protective eyewear in sunlight and in dry, dusty conditions. If you are prone to dry eye, applying artificial tears can also help prevent this eye condition.

For more information about pterygium, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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