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Few things are as disconcerting as the realization that your vision might be failing, but knowing that you can get exceptional treatment from someone you trust makes a huge difference.  Just ask Raymond, our July 2017 Spotlight Patient.  Having grown up during World War Two, Raymond can remember where he was during the attack on Pearl Harbor and on D-Day, but when he moved to Georgia and started to notice that his distance vision was getting worse, he wasn’t sure where to turn.  Fortunately, a little research brought him to board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. William Segal.

Meet Our July 2017 Spotlight Patient Raymond

“I had been using reading glasses for several years and thought that was just part of getting older, but when my distance vision started to get blurry I got worried,” explained Raymond.  “I found Dr. Segal on the internet and I was really impressed with his positive reviews and high ratings, so I scheduled an appointment.”  During that comprehensive medical eye examination, Raymond got a new eyeglass prescription and found out that he had rapidly worsening cataracts.

The most common cause of blindness worldwide for adults over the age of forty, cataracts cause cloudy spots to form on the lens of the eye.  If left untreated, these spots will gradually grow darker until they obstruct vision entirely.  Oftentimes, the progression of cataracts can be so gradual that patients don’t even realize that their vision is worsening until it becomes a serious problem.  Treatment for cataracts involves the surgical removal of the damaged and clouded lenses so that they can then be replaced with artificial intraocular lenses, or IOLs.

“My cataract surgery went very smoothly,” said Raymond.  “Even though I was there first thing in the morning, I found the entire staff to be very friendly and helpful.  I was a bit uncomfortable with my head immobilized, but the procedure itself was very quick and completely painless.  It would have been boring, except that it was over before I really even had a chance to get bored.”

There are many different types of intraocular lenses, ranging from the relatively inexpensive monofocal lenses to the top of the line ReStor®premium IOLs that allow for patients to have an easier time focusing at close, intermediate and far distances.  Raymond chose lenses optimized for distance viewing and now enjoys perfect 20/20 vision.  He no longer even needs the reading glasses he used to use.

“After my procedure, I was absolutely amazed at the results,” said Raymond.  “The moment I left Dr. Segal’s office, I immediately noticed that colors were brighter and more vivid, and my vision has only improved since.  I hadn’t even really realized how dim and dark my vision had gotten, but now it feels like I am living in a completely different world.”

If you are currently a patient of Dr. William Segal or Dr. Marc Lay and, like Raymond, would be interested in sharing your experience, or if you are a new patient with questions about the health of your eyes and the procedures that we perform, please contact Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more patient stories and tips for healthy eyes.