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Ever since she was a teenager in North Carolina, Willa struggled with poor vision.  On trips to the beach, she wondered why so many people were wearing sunglasses.  Sure, she thought they looked cool, but when she wore them she could hardly see a thing.  By the age of thirty, Willa had stopped driving at night, having realized she had almost no night vision whatsoever.  It was only then that she finally went to an optometrist and was immediately prescribed bifocals.  Unfortunately her vision continued to deteriorate as the cataracts grew worse until, just months shy of her 70th birthday, Willa came to Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

“I was referred by my internist after a bad experience with another doctor,” explained Willa. “Dr. Segal was just straight up and honest, a real breath of fresh air.  He explained everything to me right up front and I really felt like I could trust him.”

Because cataracts had clouded the lenses of both of Willa’s eyes, Dr. Segal needed to replace them with artificial intraocular lenses during a procedure that lasted a little less than thirty minutes for each eye.  After surgery, Willa was required to use specially-medicated drops for several weeks to promote healing.  “I wanted to give him a big hug,” she recalled. “Everything is so wonderful now, so bright.  I have even referred two of my friends to Dr. Segal already and plan to send my husband as well!”

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