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Spotlight-Patient-Georgia-Eye-Physicians Welcome back to the latest installment of our Spotlight Ophthalmology Testimonial of the Month blog series, where we let our eye care patients tell their own stories about their experience with Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons. To put a bow on our year of sharing these incredible firsthand accounts from our patients, we wanted to shine the spotlight on Ferne, a patient of ours who underwent cataract surgery performed by Dr. William Segal.

Although Ferne was hesitant about her surgery for a long time, her vision reached a point where it had to be done. After consulting with Dr. Segal, she was finally ready to take the next step. As you will learn, the procedure was a complete success!

“Today I had cataract surgery on my left eye. I had put this off for several years; not because of fear, but I felt it was a nuisance. However, I finally decided it was time. The pre-op nurses were very thorough about all my medications and allergies. It was obvious they did not want to miss anything. Although I have friends that had this surgery, the actual surgery was never discussed, thus I had no idea of what to expect. I only know there were LOTS of eye drops involved in the healing and dark sunglasses.

As Dr. Segal did the surgery, I experienced a beautiful sight. There were the most vivid colors shooting like rockets across my eye; purples, reds, oranges, and greens. Colors more vibrant than I had ever seen in my lifetime. There were circles of color that would explode into another color and then another color, as the colors blended together. There were streaks of white light that went across my eye. This was more beautiful and exciting than any fireworks I had seen. It was wonderful being awake to experience this whole process. I can’t say I’m looking forward to doing my other eye. It’s still a nuisance, but it will be done.”

Thank you to Ferne for sharing her story with us, as well as all of our previous spotlight patients who took the time to leave us such kind and meaningful feedback. It’s always incredibly rewarding to know that our work is really making a difference in the lives of our patients. If you would like to share a story of your own or book an appointment with our expert ophthalmologist or optometrist, please contact Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons today. You can also follow us on Facebook for more patient stories, eye care tips, and much more. Additionally, please ask us about our new eye surgery center in Lawrenceville.