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Eyelid Lesions

TREATED IN DULUTH, GA (NORTH OF ATLANTA) at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Eyelid lesions are abnormal cell changes that form as lumps and bumps on or around the eyelid. Causing redness, roughness and swelling, eyelid lesions are very common and mostly benign (non-cancerous) tumors that may form as white, brown or black pigmented masses in various shapes and sizes. It is important to monitor the growth of the lesion as it could be an indicator of a more serious malignant (cancerous) tumor such as basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer caused by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

A biopsy, where an ophthalmologist will extract sample tissue from the abnormal cell mass, is microscopically examined to determine if the tumor/lesion is benign or malignant, after which proper treatment is recommended. Larger tumors can be excised from the eyelid and reconstructed using grafts. Depending on the type of malignant tumor present, aggressive treatment such as MOHS microscopic removal, chemotherapy or radiotherapy will be used after excision to eradicate the cancer and prevent future spreading.

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