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Spotlight-Patient-For-June-2020 One of our greatest joys here at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons is hearing back from patients we have been able to help in the past. Eyesight is such an important aspect of a person’s quality of life, but it’s also an easy thing to take for granted. That is until a vision problem occurs. Here at our practice, we pride ourselves on treating a wide variety of optical issues to help restore our patient’s vision. For one such story, hear from our Spotlight Patient of the month, Jane.

Jane is a recent retiree who just concluded a long career working in insurance. She now enjoys spending time with her husband, eating out at restaurants, and enjoying the outdoors when she can. Jane has worn glasses all her life, but her vision began to worsen in recent years due to cataracts. After consulting with Dr. William Segal, Jane decided to undergo cataract surgery using the PanOptix lens system.

For a detailed report on how the surgery has positively impacted her life, hear it from Jane in her own words:

“My husband and I have both been seeing Dr. Segal for years. I’m someone who has had vision issues for a long time and always wore glasses. However, it wasn’t until Dr. Segal recommended surgery that I ever realized that there was an alternative. I decided to undergo cataract surgery on my left eye. Prior to surgery, Dr. Segal explained the procedure and how it would work. The specific detail he used made me all the more comfortable during my surgery. Knowing exactly what he was doing helped put me at ease. Before I knew it, the procedure was over.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Segal noticed that I had a hand-warmer with me. When it was time for surgery, one of the nurses in the pre-op area offered me a space blanket to help keep me warm. That’s the level of care and attention to detail you can expect from Dr. Segal and his staff. At first, there was an adjustment and I had to get comfortable with my new prescription, but I am very happy with my results. I can finally read a computer screen and book clearly without squinting. When it’s time for my other eye to be done, I will absolutely come back to Dr. Segal.

It’s certainly wonderful to hear such positive words from Jane about her experience at our office. We want to thank her, as well as all of our previous Spotlight Patients, who have taken the time to share their stories with us. If you would like to share your story or book an appointment with us, please contact Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons today. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more patient stories and eye care tips.