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At Georgia Eye Physicians we treat patients with a variety of different eye conditions. Often times our patients are surprised to learn how even the most routine regimens like applying makeup can pose risks to your eyesight. In fact, what most of us don’t know is that the makeup we are applying can be an even greater danger than expected. Your brushes, pencils, and wands can eventually begin to form bacteria on them if you do not regularly wash them or if you don’t throw them away after long periods of time. According to Everyday Health, there are helpful eye care tips you can follow in order to maintain proper eye care safety:

  • After a few months, throw away your makeup. Most makeup comes with an expiration date so be aware if your makeup has expired or is about to.
  • Replace mascara every two to four months or sooner if it’s dried out.
  • Don’t share your makeup with others. You can transfer bacteria to one another thus causing problems with your eyesight.
  • Always wash your hands (especially those of you who wear contact lenses).
  • Don’t apply makeup on your waterline as makeup can get inside your eyes and irritate them.
  • Avoid eyeshadows or eyeliners that contain glitter.
  • If your eyes are inflamed, red, or itchy, skip wearing makeup on your eyes as it could make your condition worsen.
  • Make sure you clean your brushes weekly.
  • Don’t apply eye makeup when you’re riding in your car or other modes of transportation to avoid making contact with your eye and possibly scratching your cornea.
  • Most importantly, take off your eye makeup before going to bed. As some eye makeup removers may be harsh on the eyes, opt for removers for sensitive eyes as it will prevent irritation.
  • Avoid eyelash dyes, permanent coloring, or false eyelash glue.

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