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Jobeth, a retired teacher from Barnsville, Georgia, had spent most of her life without experiencing any vision problems at all.  As years passed, she started experiencing some trouble with fine print and began using reading glasses from the local drugstore.  Then, very suddenly, she found herself struggling to read fine print on television and the computer screen.  Referred by a close friend who had been impressed by the thoroughness of his examination, Jobeth scheduled an appointment with Dr. William Segal.  It was then that she discovered she was developing cataracts.

“Everyone was so absolutely, phenomenally nice,” she said.  “From the front office staff, to Dr. Segal, to the operating room nurses, everyone involved was just so pleasant and accommodating.”

When a cataract occurs, some of the protein that makes up the lens of the eye adheres together, losing its transparency and clouding a small area.  Over time, the cataract may grow larger and cloud more of the lens, making it harder to see.  Dr. Segal performed intraocular lens (IOL) replacement surgery on both of Jobeth’s eyes, replacing the rapidly clouding lenses with ReStore® premium lenses.  ReStore® lenses are multifocal lens implants designed with apodized diffractive and refractive technology to allow patients to have an easier time focusing at close, intermediate and far distances.

Jobeth couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.  “It was worth every penny,” she exclaimed.  “I don’t even need reading glasses any more.  I have encouraged everyone I know to go to Dr. Segal if they are having any eye problems whatsoever.”  As a result of her lens implant surgery, Jobeth now enjoys near-perfect vision and has been able to continue tutoring students in their homes without the need for glasses, a position requiring a great deal of driving which would have been impossible had her vision continued deteriorating.

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