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Roswell native, US army veteran, and retired Chevron Oil employee Roger is no stranger to visual issues.  With poor eyesight for as long as he can remember, Roger got his first pair of glasses back when he was only seven years old.  As the years went on, his astigmatism became more and more severe, until Roger was officially diagnosed nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other.

But it wasn’t until his granddaughter was diagnosed with a scratch on her cornea that he met Dr. William Segal.  Impressed with the office’s friendly and congenial atmosphere, Roger began using Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons for all of his family’s eye care needs.  Eventually, Roger underwent treatment for glaucoma with Dr. Segal, and it was during the follow-up checks that Roger’s growing cataracts were first discovered.

“For years, Dr. Segal told me that I would have to get them taken care of sooner or later, but he never pressured me.  I always figured that since I had managed for most of my life with glasses it wasn’t that big a deal.  But Dr. Segal was right.  My eyes just kept getting worse.”

Still, it wasn’t until Roger’s wife underwent cataract surgery with Dr. Segal and had the lenses in both of her eyes replaced with top of the line ReSTOR® premium intraocular lenses that Roger finally decided to have the procedure himself.  Dr. Segal removed the damaged lenses from Roger’s eyes and replaced them with artificial intraocular lenses in an outpatient procedure that lasted less than an hour.

“I felt reborn!” Roger said.  “The entire experience was excellent and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve worn heavy glasses for almost all of my life, and now I only need them for reading.  It’s like living in a new world.  Dr. Segal is a very good man.”

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