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James had worn glasses for the majority of his life.  “Ever since I was eight,” he joked, “people used to say my nose needed to be as big as it was to hold up those coke bottles I had to wear.”  But when he learned that he would need an intraocular lens transplant at the age of 70, he decided it was time to finally get things really fixed right, once and for all.  “You only get one pair of eyes,” he quipped.

James first met Dr. William Segal in 2009, when his wife had been suffering with cataracts, and didn’t hesitate to go back.  “Dr. Segal is a pro,” says James.  “He really knows his stuff and if you have a question he’ll go out of his way to call you himself.  He doesn’t delegate.  I wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else.  He’s my guy.”

In January James had ReSTOR® multifocal premium intraocular lens implants placed into both eyes.  Dr. Segal made a small incision in the eye removing the old, damaged lens, and then inserted a new artificial lens.  The ReSTOR® lenses used in this case are the product of apodized diffractive technology that allows the lens to more easily focus between close and far distances, making them ideally suited to patients who suffer from conditions that require bifocals, like astigmatism or presbyopia.

“I was a lot more nervous than I needed to be,” James explained.  “The whole procedure was completely painless.  I didn’t even realize anything had happened until Dr. Segal told me it was over.”

The procedure was a complete success.  James now enjoys perfect 20/20 vision in both eyes and no longer requires the glasses he had worn his entire life.  “From the moment Dr. Segal was done with each eye, my vision was crystal clear,” says James.  “I don’t even need reading glasses any more.  The whole experience couldn’t have possibly gone better.”

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